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Ealing Automatic Manual Drivng School

Ealing, Greater London
Automatic or Manual Driving lessons?

We Provide both manual and automatic driving lessons.

It's really a personal preference.

Some people like the control with a manual car and some prefer less stress with automatic.

You do have more control with gears and you typically get better fuel mileage but an automatic is better in London's traffic.

It is advisable to take manual driving lessons as you then have a choice to driving either manual or automatic car.

If you pass with an automatic car you are only licence to drive an automatic car.

Why choose automatic driving lessons?

Automatic driving lessons are getting increasingly popular.

Intensive driving courses are available and test arranged.

Here are just a few reasons why!

Advantages of learning with an automatic car.

No stalling the car or rolling back on hills.

No clutch or gear lever to coordinate.

More time to concentrate on controlling the vehicle.

More time to develop judgement of speed and steering skills.

More time available to concentrate on reading the road.

Get to test standard more quickly.

Better suited to the stop/start of town and city driving.

Small price difference between automatics and manual cars.

Most small cars now offer an automatic option.

Learn in a shorter time period-More confidence -Less distraction -
Less tiring -Be independent on the road quicker.

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  • Five driving lessons offer at £99
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