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Osteopathy First

Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Here at Hertfordshire Sports Clinics (Osteopathy First Ltd), we offer a unique, inter-disciplinary treatment and rehabilitation service which draws upon the skill and expertise of our diverse range of practitioners.

With leading Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists who have worked at the highest levels of elite sport, our aim is to give you the very best of our skill and expertise in getting you back to health and fitness.

You don't need to be an athlete to come and see us, anyone can benefit from our team approach to your care and wellbeing.

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I'm a typical man. I take far too long to get anything medical 'seen to'. My left knee, left heel, left ankle in fact everything down my left side from my hip down to my toes has over the past 10 years caused me pain and on many occasions prevented me from playing football and golf for months at a time. The time in between when I could play, I invariably did so in pain.

The services of Osteopathy First were recommend to me by a friend who has recently had a long term back problem diagnosed and treated back to full health: after arranging and cancelling several appointments I ran out of excuses and eventually went along for a consultation. From that moment on, I've never looked back. An Osteopath has the skill and qualifications to survey your whole body to pinpoint the problem and all of my issues for years were narrowed down to how my weight was being distributed through my feet. I had a biomechanical assessment and gait scan then had custom made orthotics fitted to redistribute the weigh evenly. Subsequently my knee, ankle and heel pain has all but gone. To compliment the inserts I've also had Osteopathic treatment aimed at taking the over worked muscles that were compensating for my injuries out of spasm plus I have a series of rehabilitation exercises designed to strengthen the muscles that have been under worked for years because of my uneven weight distribution.

I'll be honest, I didn't think it would work, I'm sure Hannah would agree that I wasn't the most 'patient' of patients and clung onto my scepticism through the first session but now I'm fully converted. It's hard not to be when you almost instantly feel the results even after doing heavy exercise, besides my legs look much better without knee straps and ankle supports. Seriously though, I can now sprint and jump without pain the aches and stiffness in the troublesome joints doesn't rear its ugly, painful head the next morning after playing the day before.

In my seemingly endless experience of other forms of treatment in the past, I can testify that Osteopathy is on another level. Never before has someone explored my physiology to such fundamental depths to root out causes like the team at Osteopathy First... I say team because although Hannah is the hands-on genius, the friendly and efficient staff make the whole experience even more enjoyable (if treatment can ever be classed as enjoyable) and therefore better.

I personally find it helps to know clearly why you have the problem and how the mechanics of the treatment and rehabilitation works to cure that problem, and from that point of view too Osteopathy First are exceptional.

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Location: Our clinic located within the newly opened Atlas Health Spa at David Lloyd, Stevenage. We have ample parking and are located close to Junction 7 of the A1(M) and within 5 minutes walk of Stevenage Train Station. Our clinic is fully accessible and has a lift.

Location: Our clinic in Stotfold is located within Bannatyne's Health Club, in the historic surrounds of Fairfield Hall and Fairfield Park. We have ample free parking.