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The Excel Practice

Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching in Reading, Berkshire and Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Matthew Exell - Dip CHyp, NLP (Master Practitioner), MNCH, HPD.

Matthew trained at the internationally renowned Quest Institute and is a member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy and UKCHO

I have practices in Reading, Berkshire and Wallingford, Oxforshire.

I hold the hypnotherapy practitioner diploma (HPD) which is the first nationally accredited hypnotherapy qualification, awarded by the NCFE national awarding body.

Further to this please be assured that we have full Public Liability insurance through Towergate Specialist Insurance

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis or trance states are naturally occurring states which we all drift in and out of throughout our day.

For example have you ever daydreamed your way through a meeting? or travelled somewhere without remembering much about the journey?

These are trance states, you know what is going on around you whilst being completely relaxed like being in a "daydream".

Studies have shown that we spend 90% of our time in such states.

There is no one definitive explanation of what hypnosis is and it's interesting to note that everybody experiences it in a very different way, but the main feeling everyone experiences is a profound sense of relaxation.

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?
Cognitive hypnotherapy is an approach rather than just a set of techniques. It takes recent understandings of how the brain works, uses NLP methods and a modern view of the use of trance to create a combination that can be very effective in a relatively short period of time.

Many problems can be helped in as little as 2-4 sessions.

Cognitive hypnotherapy uses an approach to therapy which is tailored to suit the person.

This is because we are all different and all give different meanings and reasons to the things that happen to us.

My role as the therapist is to act as a guide to help you find your own solutions so that you can take control of your own life once again.

Pricing & Opening Times
  • My prices do differ between my London, Reading and Wallingford practices, this also depends on whether you would like hypnotherapy, life coaching or assistance with something else. Please do ask (see contact details section below)
  • Opening Times:
  • My Opening times differ between my London, Reading and Wallingford practices. Please get in touch for details (see contact details section below)
Other Information
  • Hypnotherapy Register Member:
  • GHR Member:
  • Other Memberships:
  • Hypnotherapy Qualifications:
    DipCHyp - Diploma of Cognitive hypnotherapy NLP (MPrac) - Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming MNCH (Lic) Licentiate member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy HPD - Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist:
  • Counselling:
  • Specialisms:
    Smoking, Addictions, Weight Loss, Confidence, Self Esteem
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