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Salto Security Systems

Oxford, Oxfordshire
Leading Oxfordshire locksmiths, BMA Varsity Ltd, supply and install electronic and mechanical locks and locking systems.

Their security installation service provides convenient secure access whilst improving property security.

BMA Varsity Ltd is the authorised reseller for Salto locking systems and solutions electronic security lock technology.

As used in the Olympic Village, such masterkey systems offer revolutionary security and membership control to business premises and many other premises that need to be confident of their security.

Salto uses a choice of programmable keys and keycards. LEGIC ( RFID Technology (equivalent to Myfair), is a contactless proximity device which unlocks a door on approaching.

The systems can use smart card security, be printed to enforce corporate image.

Cards can double for a variety of purposes such as identity, library system or electronic multifunctional point of sale (EPOS) such as photocopier tokens.

Systems can also employ a Dallas token, a robust electronic touch key.

The Salto Virtual Network is the secret to the innovative wire-free security.

Stand-alone locks on doors throughout the building read and write from cards or keys.

An online reader at a common entry point (usually the building entrance or reception) passes the information to a central pc, and the card's access privileges are updated instantly.

A significant benefit is the audit trail this controlled access provides.

Knowledge of who went where and when, a time and attendance device, and a fire safety record.

For hotels and hostels this manages front of house, back of house, guest rooms, and provides suicide lock and privacy override.

All BMA Varsity products and installations are DDA compliant and conform to BS5588 British Standard for single access escape.

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