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Stirling, Central Scotland
The clinic
The clinic
Physio4Her is a clinic specifically for women suffering from bladder, bowel and pelvic floor dysfunction.

The clinic is run by a chartered physiotherapist specialising in women's health.

Following childbirth and around the menopause, many women suffer from bladder and bowel problems.

This can be a result of weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, stretching of the support tissues, changes in hormone levels and heavy lifting.

It is estimated that as many as one third of women can have symptoms, and 75 - 80% of those could be improved with appropriate advice and treatment following a full assessment with a suitably trained clinician.

Symptoms include leakage of urine on coughing or exercise (stress incontinence) or urgency and frequency of urination and possibly not making it to the toilet on time (over-active bladder.)

Personal, individualised advice in pregnancy is also available; including back care, pelvic floor exercises and preparation for labour using breathing, relaxation and positioning.

In the post natal period, you can have one to one assessment of the abdominal muscles which will determine the condition and tone of the muscles and an individualised exercise program based on Pilates.

You can have personal instruction on pelvic floor exercises and advice on return to general activity and sport.

National guidelines state women should try pelvic floor exercises and bladder retraining before any surgical intervention is offered.

For many this avoids the need for surgery, unnecessary tests, the use of pads, and can dramatically improve quality of life.

It is vital that you are properly assessed and the anatomy and management fully explained.

You may be asked to record fluid intake/output which gives a good indication of bladder function, your urine may be tested for infection and you may be offered an internal exam to determine the strength and correct function of the muscles.

It is important to plan a program of exercises based on this individual assessment.

Post natal women can suffer from inadequate bladder and bowel control as well as problems controlling wind or painful intercourse.

These problems are often caused by a tear or cut during delivery and some research suggests that as many as 30% of new mums can be troubled with these issues.

Assessment, treatment and advice from a Physiotherapist specialised in urinary, ano-rectal incontinence and pelvic floor treatment techniques can relieve many of the problems.

Even coccyx pain, rectal and vaginal pain can be eased with the correct treatment.

Many women are embarrassed and unsure how to manage many of these problems, so please feel free to contact me, details below, for confidential, up-to-date advice and personalised assessment and treatment.

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Pricing & Opening Times
  • Initial consultation is £50, with a half hour follow up costing £38.
  • Opening Times:
  • 09:30 - 13:00 Thursday and Occasional Saturdays
    The reception is open normal office hours.
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Map & Directions

The clinic is a short walk from the train and bus stations in Stirling.