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Star Digital

Westbury, Wiltshire
Having being in the industry for over 5 years I believe in letting the subject be a little creative in there positioning. Specialised editing can give effects to show something a little different. I cover the unusual as well as the norm, creative editing, creative posing achieves a far better image.

Making the subject feel at ease and relaxed at all times produces far better images. Wedding days are very stressful for the people concerned, making them feel at ease and comfortable with there photographer will take away some of the strain throughout the day.

Studio work needs to be comfortable for the subjects as they are being guided through the shoot, making them feel at ease at all times.

  • Creative images
  • Meaningful images

Pricing & Opening Times
  • Weddings from £280.00
    Portraits from £45.00
  • Opening Times:
  • Mon - Fri 8.00am till 6.00pm

    Weekends anytime
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Map & Directions

Lakelands Edge is just off Station Road and opposite the Lake in Westbury.