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Florists FAQ

Florists usually enjoy a booming trade, and the reason for this is because there always seems to be an occasion to send or give flowers. In fact, flowers are given at many different times of the year and are bought for everything from weddings and funerals through to birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, anniversaries and more.

There are many florists to choose from to ensure that the flowers that you buy are perfect for the occasion. Below you will find some frequently asked questions and answers about florists.

Should I choose a local florist for my order?

This is a personal decision and will depend on your needs. If you are planning to go out and buy the flowers yourself or want them delivered locally then a local florist is the best choice both for your convenience and to keep costs down.

Of course, if you are ordering flowers to be delivered in a totally different area to where you live you should choose a florist that is local to where the recipient is.

Is there a minimum order value for delivery?

This is something that will depend on the florist. Usually delivery is included within the price if you are ordering a standard bouquet or something more lavish, as these are priced to take the cost of delivery into account.

However, if you are looking for something smaller and cheaper than the standard that the florist offers they may charge an additional fee for delivery. Always check upon ordering.

I'm not sure what sorts of flowers to buy for the occasion. Can I get advice?

You should bear in mind that most florists are experts in their field, and have a great deal of experience in both choosing and arranging flowers. Most will have expert knowledge of which flowers are perfect for which occasion. All you need to do is tell them what the occasion is and they can sort out the perfect flower choice and arrangement for you.

Do florists offer other gifts or items for delivery with the flowers?

These days most florists are able to arrange for certain additional gifts to be sent with the flowers (which will be added to the total cost). This usually includes gifts such as boxed chocolates, wine or champagne, or teddies/cuddly toys.

Simply ask before you order and the florist will be able to run through the options with you so that you know what sorts of added gifts are available.

Will the florist deliver at a particular time?

It can be difficult for a florist to pinpoint an exact time for delivery, as this can depend on a number of factors such as how far they have to travel, what time their fresh flower supplies come in, how much notice they have been given, how long the arrangement takes, and even how much traffic is on the road.

You will usually be told whether it will be morning or afternoon, and in some cases the florist may even be able to give you an approximate idea of the time.