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Lyz Amers Florist and Gift Baskets LTD

Chertsey, Surrey
My carousel
My carousel
I make funeral arrangements, some unusual, like my carousel with horses and lights.

I have a copyright for it, I also a great many other designs either in silk or fresh flowers.

I also make Romany style gift baskets, with flowers and gifts and a decorated basket.

These are made personal with a lot of thought and care and they are very large.

I also make homemade soap in numerous fragrances.

My work is very unusual and different to your normal florist.

When you order we will discuss all requirements and options, colours and designs and the flowers of your choice.

If a gift basket is required we will discuss the gifts for it, however there is an option to supply your own gifts at a much reduced cost.

Delivery by me is possible.

  • My Carousel
  • Unusual gift baskets

  • Me!
  • Plant Basket
    Plant Basket
  • New baby Basket
    New baby Basket
  • Flowers and soft toy Basket
    Flowers and soft toy Basket
Pricing & Opening Times
  • My prices vary.
    Carousel is £225.00,
    Other arrangements from £30.00 upwards.
    Gift baskets are either £20, £40, £80
    Soap is 50p
  • Opening Times:
  • Monday to Sunday
    9am til 10pm

Hello Lyz Amer
I just took a long hard look at Ur shop and just wanted to say a big well done the baskets are purely amazing !!!!!!!!! I've never seen any thing like them, you obviously put a lot of hard work into them as they are stunning, the grave one had tears in my eyes the words on the card are very touching and good for you to say you're proud to be a Romany gypsy. Well I've said what I wanted to and carry on with the good work the baskets are beautiful

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