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Driving Schools

Driving Schools FAQ

Having driving lessons can be both exciting and daunting, and it can also be expensive. Most people want to pass their tests with as few lessons as possible due to financial implications, but they also want to have an instructor that is going to be thorough with the way that they train and teach them to drive.

Choosing the right driving school is therefore very important. Some of the frequently asked questions and answers below may be of some help when choosing a driving school.

Should I choose a driving school that is local to me?

It is best to find a driving school that is within the local area, as the driving instructor has to get to you, do your lesson, drop you off, and then either get back to base or go to the next appointment, which will probably also be in the local area.

How much will driving lessons cost?

The cost of driving lessons from a school can vary based on the school that you choose and often on the number of lessons that you have. You may find that you can get a discount by making a block booking for a specified number of lessons in one go.

Do I have to do through a driving school to learn how to drive?

No, you can be taught by a qualified and experienced driver aged twenty one or over. The person teaching you must have held their full licence for a minimum of three years.

What is the benefit of learning through a driving school?

Driving instructors have rigorous training and pass a number of examinations. They are trained in responses and instruction, have quality vehicles to teach in, and have patience and understanding with students - which is something that can be severely lacking from family members or friends who are trying to teach you to drive!

How do I know if the driving school is reputable and successful?

It is a good idea to pick a driving school by word of mouth - perhaps a friend or relation may have used the school to learn how to drive. However, if you have not received a recommendation for the school it might be worth checking some reviews to see what others have to say about a particular school.

How many lessons will I have to take before I can take my test?

This all depends how well you adapt to driving. Some people pick up driving skills far more quickly than others. Once you have had a few lessons your instructor may be able to provide more of an idea about how many lessons you may need in total before you should put in for your test.

Can I get additional training after I pass my test?

Yes, you can get Pass Plus training, which can increase your confidence and awareness on the road. This can help you to become a better driver as well as reducing insurance costs. You can also take motorway lessons so that you can become more confident as a motorway driver.