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Head Protection for babies-Babynobumps

Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
Over half a million children a year go to hospital as a result of an accident. And simple household falls may be more likely to produce severe brain injuries in babies than previously thought
Welcome to Babynobumps The 1st choice for all concerned parents and the leading supplier of a new and unique product, that has been designed to minimise nasty head trauma when babies are learning to sit up, crawl and walk.
Babynobumps will protect your baby's delicate and vulnerable head in safety and comfort from a potentially serious head injury and will allow your child to explore the world around them in safety and put your mind at rest knowing that they are being protected from a potentially serious head injury
Your childs safety - Priceless
Light, airy and completely washable.

As one of the winners of BT Tradespace -Babynobumps, could be crowned a winner in the first national Nectar Business Small Business Awards.

Pricing & Opening Times
  • £19.99 + £2.50pp
  • Opening Times:
  • 24/7

Hi Susan
Item arrived today thanks very much, it is a very good product .Very pleased..
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Susan I received the babynobumps helmet today, it is really beautiful. Thank you so much. We are very happy with the little hat My grandaughter is using it all the time.
Hi Susan,
The 'Twinkle' baby no bumps hat arrived this morning.
Thank you for such prompt service.
Richard & Franca Mathieson (Richard Mathieson)
"I love the idea, the quality and the look. I have people ask me all the time as to where did I get it so don't be surprised if you get a lot of requests.. Thank you for making this!"
- Brigid C England

"I am a grateful Grandma that found you on the Internet. What a beautiful invention and beautifully made. My little grandson loves wearing it and we are more at peace.
Julia from Ireland
"Thank you so much. Every household that has a small child should have one. Thank you again
C Sonia

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