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Aerials FAQ

What is an aerial?

An aerial is an antenna installed on the roof of your home (or sometimes in your attic) that picks up over-the-air television signals. Aerials greatly improve your television's reception.

Why would I want an aerial installed in my home?

With an aerial, you will be able to watch many more television channels than you would be able to watch without an aerial. You will also get much better reception on your television set with an aerial.

How long does it take to install an aerial?

It usually takes about two hours to install an aerial. The time it takes to have an aerial installed depends on the type of aerial you've having installed, the size of your home, and the type of roof you have.

If an installer needs to add special brackets or other fixtures to your roof to secure the aerial, the installation could take longer. Also, if your roof is such that the aerial installer has to take extra safety precautions to prevent falling, the installation time may increase.

How do I know if an aerial installer is reputable?

Any reputable aerial installer will offer a cost estimate for your installation, either by phone or by inspecting your home or flat to determine the cost. These cost estimates should be without obligation. Also, reliable aerial installers will usually offer you a range of equipment and service options to help you choose an installation that works with your budget.

All reputable aerial installers will have professional liability insurance, and they will screen their installation engineers and staff before sending them to your home. Of course, it goes without saying that a reputable aerial installer will be polite and professional.

How much will it cost to have an aerial installed?

The cost of an aerial installation depends on many things: the type of aerial you need, the height of your home and type of roof you have, how far you live from the installer's office, and the cost of living in your area. Therefore, prices for aerial installations vary widely across the UK.

The best way to get an idea of how much it will cost to have an aerial installed is to speak to friends or family who've had one installed, or to contact several companies and ask for their cost estimates. In evaluating whether a aerial installer's cost estimate is fair, it's important to consider not only the actual time an aerial installer spends at your home.

Aerial installation companies have high insurance costs as the job carries a high risk of falling. They must also pay for advertising, trucks, and equipment as well as the labour time it takes to install your aerial.

My aerial blew off the roof! Can someone come today to replace it?

Many aerial installers offer same-day emergency service. The best thing to do is to contact an aerial installer in your area and ask. If your aerial has blown off the roof, do not go up on your own roof to try to fix it. Not only do you risk falling, but the electric wires that were attached to your aerial could pose a risk.

If your aerial has blown off your roof and you are worried about a danger of electrocution from unattached wires, or if your aerial has come loose and is dangling unsafely from your roof, contact your local region's emergency services.

I already have an aerial. Must I have a new one installed when the UK switches to digital telly?

You've probably heard that in 2012 the UK will switch from analog to digital television broadcasting. Certain aerials can pick up digital broadcast signals, but certain aerials can't. It's impossible to say if you will need to have a new aerial installed without details about your current aerial, but generally speaking if your aerial was installed recently it will likely be able to receive digital signals.

If you have an older aerial, you may need to replace it. The best thing to do is to contact an aerial installer in your area to verify whether your current aerial will be able to receive digital broadcast signals.

I don't need my aerial anymore and I want to have it taken down. Can I do this myself, or must I hire an aerial installer to remove it for me?

While you are not required to have an aerial installer come by to remove an aerial you no longer need, you should think twice before you attempt to remove your own aerial. Climbing about on a roof without the proper safety equipment and training can be very dangerous. There are also insurance concerns, as your homeowner's insurance may not cover injuries to yourself or anyone who is helping you remove your aerial should you or anyone else get injured.

It's never a bad idea to contact a local aerial installer and enquire about the cost of having your aerial removed. If an installer has a truck in your area installing an aerial for someone else, they may be able to come by and remove yours for a reasonable fee.